Passions Warranty & Return Policy

Passions only trade with genuine items and will provide a 100% refund if proven otherwise. Unlike other online sellers we have not one but two physical stores in Singapore & Malaysia.

Passions has been in business since 1991 with thousands of satisfied clients from over 60 countries and also provide authentication services for law firms, insurance companies & government agencies.

All watches that are sold through us undergoes the 3 stages of Passions Quality Seal.

1) Items are inspected for authenticity

2) Background check (We interview our sellers and reject items with dubious history while working with the Police & manufacturers to filter them.)

3) Quality & functions check (Items are inspected for wear & tear, damaged or tired items are rejected outright. The selected ones will be refurbished if necessary with a final functions check that take a min. 48hrs before they are offered for sale)

Being vintage and pre-owned, there is NO WATERPROOF WARRANTY on all watches unless otherwise stated or requested. This implies especially to all snap-back cases, cases with correctors and chronographs.

Please bear in mind that all mechanical watches/clocks, especially vintages do not keep accurate time. A daily +/- 5 mins in timing is common for watches above 30years old. A present day Chronometer certified watch has an accuracy of +4 /-6 seconds a day. There is no perfect timing in mechanical and even quartz movements.

Warranty on Brand New Watches

All brand new or watches with remaining factory warranty will be covered by manufacturer's international warranty, unless otherwise stated. Please visit your nearest authorised service centre for service & support.

Warranty on Used & Vintage Watches

Warranty Period: One-year limited warranty from Passions Watch in-house technicians.

Coverage: Starts from the date of purchase. The cover of said warranty is limited to the function, continuous operation and fair timekeeping. It does not cover misuse, neglect, abuse, water damage or any other form of wearer-inflicted damage. Our warranty does not cover manufacture components such as the crown, bezel, pushers, glass/plastic crystals, straps & bracelets or accessories.

Pre-1980s/vintage Watches

Warranty Period:
6 months limited warranty from Passions

Warranty on Consignment Watches

Consignment items are sold in “As Is” condition with no warranty from Passions Watch. We do not own these consignment items and are only a broker acting on behalf of our clients but all products are authenticated and functions checked for your peace of mind.

Return Policy

This is a privilege only for online clients who buy from us and cannot pre-inspect the items. You do enjoy our "Three-Days-return policy" to have our items inspected by any authorised service center provided it is not damaged by them. Please Email & contact us within 3 days if you want to return the item. Below are the clauses to enjoy this privilege.

  1. It applies except on BRAND NEW WATCHES & please do not wear it.
  2. It applies only to overseas clients buying from our website only. Not for clients buying direct from our galleries in Singapore/Malaysia or those who have a 3rd party to collect & inspect on their behalf.
  3. Inspection. We do need to make sure that our watch is not tempered/worn. It has to be in the same condition as it was shipped from us.
  4. All Shipping, handling & insurance charges are non-refundable. Returning item/s are shipped at the buyer's own expense & risk. Please arrange for your own insurance or you can follow our instructions.
  5. Refund. It will less the shipping & insurance fees and commission charges made by the bank or credit card services. Please take note there will be a difference due to the exchange rate adjustments.
  6. Sales are final after this inspection period. Watches may not be returned for any reasons after three days or once it has been worn or tempered with.