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About Breitling

"Something To Know About Breitling"
: Léon Breitling opened his first workshop & manufactured pocket chronographs

1915: Gaston, Léon Breitling's son came up with a wristwatch chronograph for pilots
1936: Breitling on-board chronographs were widely used in airplanes & the company begaon working closely with several armed forces
1952: Breitling unvelied the Navitimer
1969: Breitling invented the Chronomat, which housed the 11 self-winding chronograph movement developed by Breitling, Heuer & Hamilton-Buren
1984: The Chronomat was chosen by the Italian acrobatic aviation team-Frecce Tricolori
1995: The Breitling Emergency watch saves the lives of 13 people aboard the Mata-Rangi raft!

2002: Navitimer hit 50 years old! Breitling also unveiled the Avenger Seawolf watch which is water resistant to 10,000 feet