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About Concord

"Somehing To Know About Concord"
1908: Concord Watch Co. is founded in Bienne, Switzerland
1945: The Ring Clock is the first portable eight-day windinf travel alarm clock. The
Concord Ring Clock was presented to heads of states at the Potsdam Conference by US President Harry Truman
1969: Gedalio "Gerry" Grinberg bought over Concord & incoporated it into North American Watch Corporation, which is now known as Movado Group Inc.
1979: Concord created Delirium - the world's thinnest quartz watch in that year measuring 1.98mm!
1980: Concord surpassed its own creation & launched Delirium IV, which measures 0.98mm
1986: Saratoga - the icon of Concord was unveiled
1995: One of the most costly watches ever made - Saratoga Exor was launched
1997: The stunning La Scala series, for women was launched
2002: Saratoga tourbillon which comprises a tourbillon, minute repeater chronograph & powe reserve was unveiled.