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About Chronoswiss

"Something To Know About Chronoswiss"
1983: Chronoswiss was founded by Gerd-Rüdiger
1992: Chronoswiss released the ambidextrous Rattrapante watch
1993: Launch of Cabrio-a European patented reversible wristwatch.
1994: Chronoswiss released the Grand Régulateur, which won Orologie's 1s prize! Orologie is a reknown intalian magazine
1995: Lauch of Opus - an automatic skeletonized chronograph wristwatch. Opus was selected Watch of the year by Armbanduhren magazine & the Delphis
1997: Chronoswiss was selected as the official timekeeper of the Super Touring Car Cup in Europe
1998: The Pathos was unveiled, which won the Innovation Prize of 1999 by Chronos

2003: The Quarter Repeater aka Répétition à Quartz was unveiled