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About Ebel

"Something To Know About Ebel"
1911: Eugène Blum & his wife Alice Lévy set up Ebel (Eugène Blum et Lévy)
1912: Ebel released its first wristwatch
1939: Ebel became a key supplier of watches to the British army for about six years
1964: The jewelry watch - Lune Etoilèe was awarded first prize at the Swiss National Exhibition
1977: The introduction of the Sport Classic model
1983: The perpetual calendar chronograph was launched
1984: Discovery - a diver's model was released
1985: Beluga - an icon of Ebel was unveiled
1986: Ebel's 75th anniversary! The release of 1911
1999: Ebel was acquired by LVMH Group

2003: A whole new range of models was unveiled. Midnight aka Haute Joaillerie , 1911 La Carrée , Beluga Tonneau Hypnotic , 1911 XXL Chronograph & Tarawa