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About Girard Perregaux

"Something To Know About Girard-Perregaux"
1854: Couple, Consant Girard & Marie Perregaux acquired a manufactory owned by Jean François
1867: The amazing Tourbillon with three gold bridges was unveiled
1880: The first wristwatch created by Girard was for Emperor Wilhelm I

1901: TheTourbillon with three gold bridges was too good of a timepiece that it was banned from taking part in the Universal Exhibition in Paris!
1966: The Gyromatic H.F.1661 Caliber was unveiled
1987: The first sports watch by Girard Perregaux, 7000 chronograph was launched
1991: Girard Perregaux released its Tourbillon with three gold bridges in wristwatch format
1993: Girard Perrregaux launched the "pour Ferrari" collection
1996: To celebrate Ferrari's 50th anniversary, Girard Perregaux unveiled the F50 chronograph
1998: Petit Tourbillon, Lady F collection of sports, pour Ferrari 250 TR were unvveiled
2002: In tribute to the legendary Ferrari, Girard Perregaux launched the pour Ferrari 375 Mille Miglia
2003: The Opera Three, Tourbillon Magistral, & the automatic, skeletonized Tourbillon with three gold bridges