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About Cartier

"Something To Know About Cartier"
1847: Louis-FranÇois Cartier opened his first shop & was immediately recognised as the "King Of Jewelers & Jeweler of Kings"
1907: Louis Cartier & Edmond Jaeger "collaborated" & Cartier was given rights to Jaeger's watch movement production
1911: Santos was made available to the public
1913: The Mystery, whose movement is completely hidden within the clock base was developed
1930: Cartier created a special water-resistant watch,so that Pasha of Marrakech does not have to remove his watch while taking his beauty bathe!
1972: Richemont Group bought over Cartier Paris. Cartier London & New York were acquired by Richemont Group two years later
1983: The Panthére clock was borned. This watch took more than 2,000hours to create!
1985: All new Pasha was made
1989: Tank Américaine was introduced
1993: Chrono Reflex movement was created
1997: Cartier's 150th anniversary. 3 limited-edition watches were released to commemorate the occassion. 1930s Tank, 1923 Tank & the Driver
2002: Roadster, which was inspired by all forms of automobile was released