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About De Bethune

The company was established in 2002 in La Chaux L’Auberson, in the Swiss Jura, by David Zanetta,
a well-known consultant of some of the most prestigious watch collections in the world and Denis Flageollet, a master watchmaker and professor at Le Locle. Mr Flageollet has brought his 20 years of experience in research, conception and achievement of over 120 prestigious watches.

Together they have equipped the De Bethune factory with the machinery and expertise to produce its all of its calibres  in-house in addition to their own producing cases, dials, and hands. All of this is done to guarantee the highest level of excellence in production and quality control.

The accent is put on a department Research and Development which instills its biggest force into mark.

Ever since it was founded, the De Bethune manufacture has distinguished itself by its ability to create mechanical timepieces up-to-date with the most recent technologies and to conceive contemporary aesthetics.