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About BRM

As well as in the car industry, watch making masters are known by those few in search of the absolute best. In this very selective world where the elite rule, nobody speaks of mass production still less of productivity. Perfection is the only password !

Few miles away from Paris, Bernard Richards practices the superb watch making art passed down in his family. Night and day, with the help of his craftsmen, he turns and assembles the most complex parts that others can no longer manufacture. The luxury and watch making giants contract him for service or for his specialized know-how… most discreetly, to be sure.

After two years of mystery and experimentation, the first BRM watch was created… a beautiful and classic, powerful and sharp specimen… exceeding every expectation and surpassing all other fashionable models.

This impressive automatic chronograph is a concentrate combination of digital technology and expertise. Each manufacturing operation, from the selection of the best metals down to the case setting, is exceptional. The parts are never made by pending, only by removal of material. Thus their molecular structure is perfectly preserved. The manufacturing tolerances are closer to nanotechnology than to watch making !

BRM is a stroke of genius, an unclassifiable, unconventional item.

The success of BRM watches will not hinge on mass production. Quality, not quantity, is our goal.