Welcome to the world of fine luxury timepieces. In order to familiarize yourself with various watch brands and its functionality, its important for you to know some of the standard terms in the industry. Here are some commonly used terms.

Any calendar that automatically adjusts for all months and leap years.

One of the rarest and also strongest of the precious metals. It is represented with the no. 950 & often hallmarked with a goat's head.

See also: Sapphire crystal, Titanium
Power reserve indicator

A feature that shows when the watch will soon need a new battery or winding. For mechanical watches, this shows how many hours of reserve is left in the mainspring informing you to wind up the watch by winding the crown for manual winding movt & wearing it for automatic movt. A battery reserve indicator on a quartz watch informs the wearer when the battery is low. Often this is indicated by the seconds hand moving at two or three-second intervals. Seiko's Kinetic watches are quartz watches that do not have a battery (see Kinetic). When a Seiko Kinetic needs to be wound, the seconds hand will also move in two second intervals.

Any button that operates the special functions of watches.